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5 D’s of digital marketing

Digital marketing is more about understanding the needs of your customer and understanding your product. Digital marketing id data-driven market which focuses mainly on the targeted audience. All your digital marketing strategy, planning, implementation depends or revolves around these 5 D’s.

1. Digital Devices: We have different devices such as mobiles, tablet, desktop, gaming devices, and Tv. Experience through all the digital device is different. We have to make sure that every device gives the best experience.


2. Digital Platform: We have so many digital platforms in order to connect to our user such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, youtube. Most of the interaction is through these platforms. So these are the best way to collect your targeted audience.

3. Digital Media: Media can be paid or unpaid. This is also the way to reach your audience. Advertisements,  emailing, messaging, search engines are some methods.

4. Digital Data: Data plays a very important role in this sector. Digital Marketing is all about data-driven marketing. We collect data from different sources. We only have spent on the targeted or filtered audience.

5. Digital technology: Today only 40% to 50% of people are on digital platforms in upcoming years almost 90% of people will be on digital platforms using digital technology. Today this technology has reached places which were not even possible. Technology has changed the phrase of the market.


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